Mar. 28th, 2014 06:37 pm
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Happy birthday to me… I’m really sick. LOL I just knew, as I was staring at those masks in Daiso yesterday, that I should have bought them. Sigh. And by really sick I just mean a cold; I have a badly stuffed nose and a bit of a sore throat. But really, I’m okay. Last night was the first night since I bought my bedding that I didn’t sleep through the night. :C Damn you, cold!! I’m trying to think of what may have caused it, and I think the main culprit is probably being super hot/sweaty and then super cold in a matter of moments. (Because I would be hot and sweaty from walking home uphill with bags, but it was actually cold outside, and then I would take all the sweaty clothes off and sit in my PJs by an open window… In hindsight this may not have been a good plan. LOL) I decided to have the fruits and the macaroni salad for breakfast. Maybe today I’ll buy myself a little tart or piece of strawberry cake or something. :) The market at Hankyu… I forgot to write about this yesterday. The market at Hankyu is even more amazing (by like, a landslide) than the Station Marché, which I was already impressed by. It is also more complicated. At the Station Marché, like any grocery, you just pick up what you want, go to the counter, pay for it. At the Hankyu station market (across the overpass bridge, Station Marché is on the JR side), it’s much more like a bazaar, and you order items especially from each kiosk, but you can see that the quality is utterly exceptional. Some things are even cheaper than across the way, but some are more expensive. Anyway, they have everything. Bento, sushi, desserts, all sorts of meat dishes, vegetables, they have an entire section for produce, and it is crazy busy in there. If I’m feeling bold maybe I’ll take pictures today, lol.

I was going to do laundry this morning then realized I do not have laundry soap. orz WELP. /adds three millionth thing to the list.

Since it’s my birthday, I think I’m going to go shower then watch this Umbrella DVD that came with the single I bought in Tokyo. :3

;u; That was so cute. I’m feeling a bit better since my shower. Part of me just wants to sleep more, but the other part says well, it’s already 8 am, I should get on with my day… Hm.

Well, yeah, I’m definitely sick. I laid about in bed for about an hour, then got up. I have a cough, chest congestion, sniffles, the whole works. :C It’s not making me want to get a whole lot done today, I’ll tell you that. Plus I’m really worried about the fact that I don’t have a mask. x_x

OH MY GOD THESE MINI TOMATOES ARE FUCKING DELICIOUS. ;O; I’m really hungry today for some reason… plus it’s my birthday so whatever. XD Also today I have discovered that lotus root is delicious. And I just ate some asparagus-like vegetable I have no idea what it was. LOL I have eaten sooo much this morning. :X But maybe it will help me get over my cold, lol. I took my B vitamins too!! I actually do feel quite a bit better after eating all that, so maybe I needed it. All morning I have had: a serving of roasted veg, a container of those mini tomatoes, the macaroni-egg-ham salad (which also had zucchini and carrots it’s weird I know XD), a single slice of bread with the tuna-mayo stuff on it, 3 small pork meatballs, 2 shrimp in spicy sauce, a Vietnamese-style meat spring roll with hot mustard, and a serving of fruit salad. Please come through for me, multitudes of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. lol

I have also forgotten to mention that I am the only English-speaking person in my dorm, all three floors. There are many Chinese people, several Koreans, two girls from India and one Spanish woman. That is it. LOL Honestly, it’s interesting and a little strange to be in a place where the lingua franca isn’t English. One thing Leela told me before I left Tokyo was “don’t surround yourself with English-speakers, try and listen to the language as much as possible”. That’s proving to be rather easy. XD;

Oh man, I really do feel better after eating all that. XD Maybe food is important. ROFL

So the garbage trucks around here sound like ice cream trucks back home. It blows my mind that the garbage trucks in this area not only play cute music, but are pink, too. Japan, you are weird and lovely.
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