Mar. 8th, 2014 07:56 am
9 days until Japan.

I am pleased that it is not minus eight thousand degrees outside today. lol
I'm broke as a joke, but I got my $25 grocery refund in the mail yesterday from Co-op, so that is definitely going towards my party tonight. :P I'm glad I changed it from the club to karaoke, because $25 definitely would not have lasted me there.

My black cat is sitting next to me purring. I am going to miss him a lot. I named him 鳴 (Naru), after the vocalist of BIOSPHIA (VELGREED, at the time). I named him this because he is cute but not the brightest crayon in the box. :P

Naru. Definitely one of his more glamorous moments, trust me. lol

But no, I'm kind of tsundere. I love Naru. XD; In the way that a long-time fan does that rolls their eyes at every one of his many silly hijinks. (Like, back when he was in VELGREED, organizing a beach-nampa* event on ameblo in secret entries with a bunch of his bandmen and ikemen** friends lol.)

I do wonder when I'll get to see him again, since I can't just randomly go to lives anymore. And then half of me wonders when I do get to see him, if I'll even care?

I feel like my life came to a screeching halt at the end of 2008, and I haven't lived since. I really do feel that way. I feel like... I'm 19, because between being 19 and now, I accomplished a grand total of absolutely nothing, and didn't do anything that made me happy whatsoever (aside from the glorious 8 months in Vancouver where I acually had a load of friends and a ton of things to do, that was pretty great, but seriously dampened by the fact that I had absolutely no money and went into $3k of debt that would follow me relentlessly for the next 3 years). All I got was a couple chronic diseases and getting older. That is literally it. I feel like that time was stolen from me, is the truth of it. And now I'm gross and lost five years of my youth, and pretty much my entire early 20's. That's... fucking cruel, really.

All I can do now I guess is endeavour to make the ride into age 30 a much more enjoyable experience.

*nampa = 'pick up', like picking up girls
**ikemen = attractive guy



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