Feb. 4th, 2014 05:53 pm
42 days until Japan.

Today started kind of... disappointingly! I got up at 4:30, and hit my snooze button twice. I was just exhausted, partially because I watched a thought-provoking documentary on Netflix called "I Am" with [personal profile] auroradesu last night but I don't regret staying up. It was great! I took in a lot of interesting viewpoints and will probably try and incorporate some of what I was enlightened to into my daily life. But after getting up, dressed, making the bed, eating some breakfast, getting bundled up for -30°C at 5:30 am and walking to the train station... I missed the train by about 35 seconds, it seemed, and thought; well okay, I still have tons of time (I always arrive at work about 15 minutes early), it's just kind of annoying it's so cold. Well. It was then that the trains at the terminus station decided to stop working due to the cold weather, and I waited at the station for 35 minutes before the next train came. e___e; Luckily though, because I hustled and the rest went smoothly and I texted my supervisor explaining and saying I might be late he set up my first drop for the day on my cart... the morning still went off without a hitch. And I only punched in one minute late anyway! :P

But it was sooooooo coooollld ugh. (>_<) I am very much looking forward to leaving this unforgiving, frozen tundra. It's unseasonably cold, too. I'm being slightly dramatic but -30's is cold. >_>;

Maybe I'll turn my computer off early tonight and read my book I need to review for Kangaku before I go to sleep. I keep telling myself I need to finish that. e_e; Maybe tomorrow, as is my plan, I'll bring it to work again if I don't finish it tonight and go to Starbucks after work and order a caramel macchiato and sit there sipping. After all, I do work out of a post-secondary school. I should be able to find a good study space. XD; Maybe the nice wooden study hall in Heritage Hall with the green lamps and the comfy chairs. :'3

I really do need to finish that. lol In other news still no luck selling my one doll, the only thing I have listed yet. orz



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