Mar. 7th, 2014 10:31 am
10 days until Japan.

Holy shit. lol
Today I scheduled an appointment for my car to be looked at at the autobody shop on Monday, I'm leaving it there on Sunday afternoon.
I posted both of my guitars on Kijiji, but since there's lots of competition (like seriously epic tons), we'll see how that goes. :P

My party is tomorrow. I changed it from going to the club to going for karaoke. I tried to make my going away party with friends something that everyone would want to come to, but instead it ended up being all weird and messed up, so I just changed it to something that I wanted to do, the end. LOL

I ordered my foreign currency yesterday, ¥180,000 worth. When I think about everything that has to be spent on in the next month, it sure doesn't seem like a lot. :C I hope my guitars and my car sell quickly.

My last week of work is almost here. I just have today and then five more days, and I'm gone. That part is exciting. :3 I'm also super worried about getting around while I'm in Japan, but I'll do my best. :P

I didn't realize how scary it was before that this was the first time I'm doing this all alone, which sounds stupid, but it's true. At least before I always had one other English-speaking person to depend on the whole way. Now it's just me, myself, and I. And I won't even have the Internet to help me out, either. Dang.


Feb. 20th, 2014 04:42 am
26 days until Japan.

Since this is one of my favourite j-rock videos ever because it makes me laugh and I can actually do their little dance (at the chorus), I will post it. :P

This song helps remind me that everyone is a little insecure and stuff. XD; The girl in it who plays Emiko is really cute though! 8D 僕の...エンジェ〜エ〜ル.

I went to the consulate yesterday and my visa should come in my passport within the next five to ten business days. :3 The lady helping said to call on Wednesday and at that time they will give me a better estimate of when it would be done. I am picking it up from the office so I will get it even faster yaaay~.

My old computer is finally ready to give to Jose. :P Thank god since I made him wait like two weeks! lol Thankfully, after many botched attempts, my dad lent me his external harddrive last night and then the transfer of my old photos was all done quickly.

I still need to mail my enrolment documents, but I'm going to do that after work today. /makes checkbox
☑ Mail enrolment documents

Also, I still need to apply for my student line of credit with my dad. e_e; Kind of dreading that. Plus he seems to continue to forget about it or doesn't see how important it is or doesn't realize that I actually need him to come with me since he needs to cosign because I'm leaving the country. :/ Either way it's a bit frustrating!

Speaking of financing, yesterday I randomly had to pay $200 to a collections agency for a ticket I got on the train in Vancouver 3 years ago. x___x; That came directly out of my Japan money. Suuuuuucked. Oh well; at least I know for certain I have nothing left owing this country. LOL

Just about 5 am now, time to leave for work! Bah :P


Feb. 8th, 2014 09:01 am
38 days until Japan.

Today, since it is gross and blizzard-y outside, I am really going to focus on selling my dolls, doing my book review, and organizing/taking stuff off of/resetting my old computer so that Jose can have it. He's buying it from me on payday, this coming Friday, so I do have a couple of days. It's mostly a giveaway, the stuff on it as far as applications go, the additional Mac keyboard, etc... it's worth over 1k but since it has problems I'm giving it to him for $150. I have to just start getting rid of things, things I simply can't take with me, things that have needed to go for a long time anyway.

When I look around and see how much stuff I still have to list and manage though, I get anxious and overwhelmed and feel like just giving up. The problem is though, I don't have an option. Anything I don't list goes in the garbage. My parents have never had a policy of letting me store anything, so this will be the third time in my life I have to get rid of everything I own or just toss it. /bitter lol

The goal is for me to bring two checked bags/suitcases, and my backpack. (Then ship myself my box of shoes later.) If you think about it, for that being everything I own, that is not a lot of stuff. Not a lot of clothing, or beauty stuff, or anything. Some girls take that much stuff on a week vacation; that's going to comprise everything in my life. Additionally I still have to get a Japanese adapter, or even two, for some of my stuff until I can find Japanese replacements (i.e. my straightener).

Soon I'll have to handle my phone stuff, too. Cancel/pay out my contract, which costs a bunch of money I don't have. Buy a new phone in Japan. Sooo much money for everything.

Still have to sell my car. I don't even think it will start right now, so can't do anything about that at the moment. It needs to have a couple last things fixed up and go for a wash. More money money money. I don't think I'd be anywhere near as stressed about these things if I weren't grasping at straws for funds here. The fact that I "can't work" properly while in Japan on a student visa is hugely an issue that frightens and stresses me every single moment of every single day. While I do very wholly welcome the prospect of not having to balance time between working a crap job and studying -- which gives me a whole lot of time for concentrating on getting good grades and excelling at reading and writing Japanese, which I am happy for -- I am extremely stressed about monthly payments of things and having enough to get by and enjoy myself on occasion. e_e;

I know there's the student line of credit thing, but that whole prospect terrifies me. Debt terrifies me. I JUST managed to get out of 3k of debt after TWO YEARS. And I never would have, either, if it were not for some lucky breaks with things like getting to live in a place where I don't have as many bills to pay. How in the bloody fuck am I going to manage 40k?

For people who are going to become doctors or business entrepreneurs, putting yourself in that kind of situation seems logical. You'll pay it back, in a few years' time. But for me? It just seems like... I already have no confidence that I will ever, ever be able to afford my own place of residence, unless it was like a 100-square-foot box in the middle of nowhere. How in the bloody hell am I ever supposed to pay back 40k in loans? Every single day the prospect absolutely terrifies me, it almost makes me cry. I can't imagine ever not living paycheck to paycheck. I can't imagine ever having a career that I like that makes me a "lot" of money, and by a lot I mean 4-5k a month. I'm already old. I'm 25 and just starting my solid university career, which I feel I will finally finish, a field of study I feel I finally belong. I won't graduate until I'm almost 30. By that time I will have lost eight years of career-building time that most post-grads have, and have nothing to show for it.

The long story short is... yeah, I can take out this student line of credit, sure. But I absolutely don't want to have to use it often. I hope in my whole four years at school I can use less than 1/4 of what's allowed. I might be able to manage that okay, maybe.

I swear to god in my life I've never been so scared or stressed about money. Bah.



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