Mar. 17th, 2014 10:33 am
0 days until Japan.

I leave tomorrow. I'm still not completely packed. I'm stressed and frazzled lol. We need to leave here at 6:30 am tomorrow for my flight so... dang. That's a little intense. I am feeling rather overwhelmed because there are about eight million loose ends. Before the end of the day I need to:

☑ Call the bank about student line of credit
↳ ☐ Go to the bank to sign off on student line of credit
☑ Call the insurance company about cancellation of my car insurance
☐ Get all my papers in order for school/immigration
☐ Finish packing
☐ Re-colour hair

And those are the priorities. As for buying things I still wanted:

☐ Laptop case
☐ Mulberry

I probably won't get to that but whatever. LOL
In other news, this is the cutest thing to come from Liz Lisa in a couple months:

Floral and pink and lacy, my favourite. x3

Quick update. Just so busy I don't feel like my head's even on straight. I probably won't be able to update again until I'm actually in Japan, so I guess stay tuned? lol


Feb. 2nd, 2014 09:28 pm
44 days until I leave for Japan.

That's insane. It's still so unreal to me. As soon as I start to think about it, honestly, I just start to panic. Especially in terms of things I still need to take care of, such as paperwork (i.e. student visa things) and selling valuable items (i.e. my car, my BJDs) and getting things in order (also like my car) and money/finances and banking etc. There's just such a massive list!! In terms of just appointments I have to make, I have to see my doctor, have to make an appointment at the bank while my mother is here instead of in California to have her cosign my loan (since I'm going out of the country for school), have another dental appointment March 5th, have to make another appointment to get my car looked at/made ready for sale... Then I have to actually do sales posts for my other doll, all the clothing items, my dance pole, take my Wii, my DS and my 3DS in, all the games, the FitBoard, etc... all to Video Game Trader or EB and try and get something for them... Refurbish my old computer a bit to get ready to sell to Jose (even if not for much)... This is only a quarter of it all, I swear. Then there's still finishing Language Death by David Crystal for my book review, actually finishing the review, then with a bunch of other assorted paperwork and documents that I don't even have yet, sending them to the school before I even arrive there, let alone do the orientation. Then the housing applications and paperwork are later this month. Anything I'm not taking to Japan, also, will be gone forever. And I'm only taking two suitcases, a backpack and then shipping myself one box of shoes. That's it.
My entire life.

Honestly, I'm scared out of my mind and full of anxiety and trying really hard not to panic constantly. And oh yeah, I have to try and manage all of this while working full-time.

Jesus. I'm so overwhelmed. I think I'll stop writing here before I make myself cry (I wish I was kidding)!



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