Mar. 27th, 2014 09:35 pm
Woke up again today at 6 am, and have had a rather leisurely morning. Honestly I am kind of trying to keep up this 6 am thing, and I’m not even setting an alarm, just going to bed early. There are some things that not having internet is helpful for, lol. I finished reading through a whole bunch of the documents that the school provided me, and then went about figuring out a mock class schedule for myself. With what I have so far, I’m pretty happy… Except for Wednesdays and Thursdays, I would be finished every day by about 3 pm, and Saturdays I would be finished by noon. :3 (Yes, I have classes on Saturdays. Intensive Japanese only, but yeah.) I then filed/painted my nails, then got dressed, and did a small amount of light makeup.

On April 2nd, we international students have our official entrance ceremony starting early in the morning (8:30 or so). On this day, I will get my Student ID and the like, and with that I will be able to set up my school accounts using their Kyogaku Web service, register for classes, use the school computers in the library, and go to Softbank and go about attempting to procure a phone. XD

I didn’t bring my scale to Japan on purpose, or a measuring tape, and I might just be tricking myself, but I really do think that I have lost some weight already. Everything seems to kind of be fitting better, I think. That said, I should probably venture out now and find some breakfast. :)

I went out and did, in fact, not only find breakfast but also ended up picking up proper groceries. I got three individual salads (one of which I’ve eaten :P), some mango dressing, a whole bunch of vegetables, including: those mini cherry tomatoes I was talking about (I got two packs), carrots, lettuce, green onions, bean sprouts, and some single-serving-size packages of cooked vegetable medleys (like onions/yam/green beans/lotus root/etcetera), some macaroni-egg salad with ham (typical thing in Japan), thin-sliced sandwich bread, THIS AMAZING STUFF OMG it’s literally tuna and mayo, already mixed, in a squeeze-bottle. MIND BLOWN. Umm… and then a bowl of mixed sliced fruits like a fruit salad, three packages (one of which I already ate) of single-serving-size meals that have meat/protein products in them, and one large bowl of wonton soup that you just put the ingredients together and heat! :D All in all I spent about $60. I meant to pick up yogurt too but I forgot. :C

Once I (eventually) venture into the actual kitchen in the main area downstairs too I will probably pick up meat, also, because they have some good-looking stuff in the meat case at the station market too! Oh and, I got a stamp card. n_n

Back out I go!

Wow. It’s 7:45 pm, and I was so bored after brunch when I wrote earlier that I went sooooo many places.
First, I walked around Takarazuka station area for a while and found where the Takarazuka Revue is held, and since it’s the 100 year anniversary, they had lots of the costumes and photos on display. Omg, so cool. ;u; Then, I decided to get on the train and go to Osaka because I had nothing else to do (and still needed to buy house-things and school supplies x___x;). So I went to Osaka! And then I bought a whole bunch of school supplies at Loft. What I’ve really been looking for is a Daiso, though, because I spent $70 on school supplies at Loft and didn’t even get everything. :/ So then I decided, you know what, I really want to find Shinsaibashi because I want to go to Shinsaibashi-suji and walk down it because nostalgia. LOL Actually, the schedule book I bought had the Osaka (and Tokyo) subway map in the back, and even though tiny, I knew about where I was and I knew the kanji for Shinsaibashi, and I realized it was actually really close. So I got on the subway and two or three stops later was at Shinsaibashi (the next stop was Namba, so now I know where that is too)!

I must just be really lucky because the exit I came out of from the subway was nowhere near Shinsaibashi-suji, and I started randomly walking down the street to the left and after a few blocks ACTUALLY CAME ACROSS IT. I used my method of taking strong visual cues for turns again so that I didn’t get lost (which has actually worked quite well for me up to now), and as I went down Shinsaibashi-suji to the left, I walked RIGHT PAST Osaka Ruido! (Which is a livehouse that visual-kei bands play at sometimes, in case some people did not know.) So, now I know where that is. As luck would have it, there was a Daiso also along this road. Thank god for you, Daiso. (Which is like… a really epic dollar store.) I got pretty much everything I needed for house-stuff for $16. X_X I could have saved soooooooooooooooo much money… (We’re talking like at least a hundred bucks here.) Ah well. :X I’m learning as I go, even if learning is expensive. orz

Well anyway, then on the way back, carrying heavy bags yet again (lol), and facing rush hour train traffic, I decided to head back towards Takarazuka. Well! As I was leaving the subway at Umeda, I saw a sign for Tower Records and I thought; what the hell, I’ll see if I can actually find it. WELL I DID. I hung around in the Visual Kei section (which took me a bit to find in the first place) for a while, and debated buying a DVD for entertainment for this evening (the Kiyoharu one was tempting), but since I’m already low on funds and can’t really access more until I have a proper internet connection, well. I decided against. X_X; I can’t even use the Hankyu rail internet for that because it warns you straight up that it’s unsecured and people can easily access your info, so I don’t really want to log in to internet banking from there. Plus I can’t even use the school’s secure internet for another week, so… sigh. LOL It kinda sucks guys, not gonna lie.

Well, I think I actually have kind of a cold. :C So I’m going to sleep for now. Hope everyone is well. :)


Feb. 22nd, 2014 10:22 am
24 days until Japan.

This song is called LIFE by a band called キマグレン (kimaguren).
How I came to know of this song is a bit aggravating, because it was introduced to me by the worst roommate (and generally one of the worst people) I've ever had who was lazy, disgusting, and took advantage of me (as well as in my opinion literally every person she meets); and her disgusting habits were ultimately the cause of us being evicted with 14 days notice in September of '13.

Nonetheless, what I got out of it was this great song, so I'm thankful for that. Six months of suffering isn't entirely erased by it, but that cat gif helps too.

I'm essentially done all the paperwork and bureaucracy that I can be done (I still have to go with dad to apply for my student line of credit but you know). So mostly I'm just taking some time to relax about that and get other stuff done, like working on making the remy hair weft I got into clip-ins so I can wear them for my going-away party and the like. The thing is I actually bought so much hair I'm not sure I can wear it all at once which... it won't work out if I can't. XD; Gonna try!

Well that's enough wacky entry for one day I think.



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