Mar. 21st, 2014 05:42 pm
Yesterday, it rained like crazy. I spent most of the day inside at Leela's, chatting to people, relaxing, and getting over some jet lag. I slept through the night last night, completely, for the first time in like... ever. (Okay not ever, but as long as is in recent memory anyway. I don't think I did that for a couple of months while I was at work in Canada.) So... hoorah! :D/ It is now almost 9 am and I am having aloe yogurt and an acai-kiwi drink. Bless you, Japanese convenience stores, for being amazingly convenient and with delicious offerings.

Aaand now it's 10 pm, and man we have had a full day.
The short version of today: Went to Shibuya 109; which is a fashion mecca for people interested in gyaru (a fashion/lifestyle subculture) in Japan and overseas, even. Took a video of Shibuya crossing (a famous pedestrian crossing because... well if you look it up on youtube you'll see) from a cafe in the building. Ate sukiyaki and shabu shabu/shabu-nabe (lol). It was freaking delicious; I really enjoyed the pork sukiyaki dipped in the raw egg. Holy fantastic batman. Went through all the shops. Got a tour from Leela of all the Shinjuku live-houses. Talked about school/volunteer things. It was a good day.

Now I am tired and going to sleep. lol


Mar. 17th, 2014 10:33 am
0 days until Japan.

I leave tomorrow. I'm still not completely packed. I'm stressed and frazzled lol. We need to leave here at 6:30 am tomorrow for my flight so... dang. That's a little intense. I am feeling rather overwhelmed because there are about eight million loose ends. Before the end of the day I need to:

☑ Call the bank about student line of credit
↳ ☐ Go to the bank to sign off on student line of credit
☑ Call the insurance company about cancellation of my car insurance
☐ Get all my papers in order for school/immigration
☐ Finish packing
☐ Re-colour hair

And those are the priorities. As for buying things I still wanted:

☐ Laptop case
☐ Mulberry

I probably won't get to that but whatever. LOL
In other news, this is the cutest thing to come from Liz Lisa in a couple months:

Floral and pink and lacy, my favourite. x3

Quick update. Just so busy I don't feel like my head's even on straight. I probably won't be able to update again until I'm actually in Japan, so I guess stay tuned? lol


Feb. 16th, 2014 07:22 am
30 days until Japan.

Things I need to get done today:
☑ Fax Kangaku bank transfer receipts
☑ Get a Canadian passport-sized photo for my student visa
☑ Get 2 Japanese passport-sized photos for my student ID
Edit: Done!

Once I do those things I suppose I can get all my papers together and send my last packet of documents due before I arrive to the school. :P Everything else is done.
Oh, and unrelated to school, but also:

☑ Finish heidi. report for Leela
Edit: Took me until the next day but! Done!

There. :) I can do all these things today without overloading myself!


Feb. 3rd, 2014 05:07 am
43 days until Japan.

Hooray! After I emailed about what was going on with the next step in my process for studying abroad, the school informed me that they received my Certificate of Eligibility from the Japanese Ministry of Justice last week and sent it by Priority EMS on Friday. Sumioka-san said I should receive it by the end of this week or early next week (and apologized for the delay lol). Yay progress!

That honestly makes me feel a lot better about the state of things. Today, my focus is going to be on finishing reading my book and hopefully finishing the short review I have to do on it. Once that's done, I'll have everything completed for the next series of submissions that I can have done before that next package arrives.

I work at 6:30 or 7 am all week this week. That's some early (4:30-5 am) starts for me! Luckily that also means I have time after work to get things accomplished before I have to sleep and do it all over lol. I think what I am going to/should do is take one thing per day and get it done. One thing I think I should prioritize is getting my other doll up for sale, also. Those may take some time, and I am running out quickly, so I should focus on making sure those get sold asap.

Well, time to go out in the freezing -31C weather and walk to the train station! Wish me luck! lol



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